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interior of church St. Patrick's Basilica crest

Saint Patrick's Basilica has a long history in the City of Ottawa, being its first English-speaking Roman Catholic Parish. It was completed in 1875 and was declared a Basilica on Saint Patrick's Day, March 1995.

Beautiful as it is, Saint Patrick's Basilica is primarily a place of worship and repentance - Catholics citywide make use of the confessional at Saint Patrick's. It also serves the downtown core and offers Masses before work (7:00a.m., 8:00a.m.), during lunch (12:15p.m.), and after the workday (4:30p.m.), with confessions before each Mass, and six Masses for Sunday Obligation.

For directions click HERE.

Message from the Rector

Reflections on my Ministry at Saint Patrick's: Part 2

celtic cross The following are some highlights of what has been accomplished, with the collaboration of parishioners, during my two years of ministry at St. Patrick's Basilica.
  • Invited scholars to help parishioners deepen and enrich their faith formation.
  • Helped facilitate a few liturgical changes in conformity with the new Roman Missal.
  • While increasing time for confession before Mass, I also sought to avoid having confessions at the church proper once Mass starts. Penitents are directed to the baptistery adjacent to the church, should another priest be available. Council of Vatican II calls for full, active and conscious participation at Mass, which is the source and summit of Christian faith; nothing should distract us from that.
  • It is imperative that all those who exercise ministries should be present and participating at the entire Mass, including the distribution of Holy Communion. In the absence of ordinary ministers, every effort is made to ensure sufficient extra-ordinary ministers be available without unduly prolonging the Mass.
  • We strive to have hosts consecrated for a particular Mass to be used for participants.
  • We ensure that communion procession marks the unity of the assembly. All receive at the same time, either standing or kneeling.
  • We have acquired enough hymn books [Breaking Bread] to encourage the congregation to sing and enhance participation by lifting up their voice to the Lord.
  • We also celebrate baptisms at Mass for parishioners' children, making the connection between baptism and Eucharist. The family gathers at the door as baptism is a Rite of Entry. Participating in baptism is an opportunity for us to be surrounded by the grace of the sacrament: God's unconditional love.
  • Following the Diocesan Directive, Words of Remembrance at funerals are most appropriate and in response to the human needs of the grieving family, so that they can hear stories of their loves ones, either at the funeral parlour or at the reception. However, at the funeral Mass, like every Sunday Mass, our focus is giving praise and thanksgiving to God, whose gift of our Lord Jesus Christ unites us to God. It is God's saving love that makes the passage of the deceased from earthly to eternal life possible, not the great deeds of the deceased.
  • As noble as the Angelus is, it is a devotional prayer. It is not as important as Sunday Mass, and therefore, it is inappropriate to cut down the time of the 11 a.m. Mass in order to accommodate the Angelus. For this reason, I moved it to the beginning of the 12:15 p.m. Mass. [For further reference, please consult the Directory on Popular Piety & Liturgy]
  • I have sought out suitable sponsored couples from the Basilica to help young couples to prepare for their marriage. They act as mentors to work with these couples in preparing for the sacrament of matrimony.
  • In collaboration with others, I established the Adult Initiation Process following closely the spirit of the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults [RCIA], creating pre-catechumenate and catechumenate teams so as to involve parishioners in engaged discipleship.
  • As a former co-ordinator of formation for the permanent deacons, I urged the deacons to be involved in service ministry for the needy and marginalized, as that is the essence of the diaconate. For example, Centre-Town Food bank on Bank St., Ancoura on Bronson Centre [ministry to people with mental illness]; Day-Break Housing [provide housing for people with addictions or special needs], and St. Vincent de Paul, Refugee families, etc.
  • Having begun the process of developing the Gloucester parking lot so as to increase parking for parishioners, I hope the Finance Council will continue this endeavour to make this long-term project a reality.
  • The above initiatives that I have taken are all in conformity with the Spirit of Vatican II, with diocesan norms, guidelines and liturgical principles that bind the entire church together as one.

The Venerable Michael McGivney Honoris
invites you to
join our Prayer Line.

You are able to send in requests. For more info check The Prayer Line page at The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney Honoris Web Site.

Saint Patrick's Historic Pipe Organ

Organ pipes

The third and final phase of rebuilding the Basilica pipe organ began in April, 2014. Several components were taken to Casavant Frères in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.

Stage Three has now been completed. There remains now only some voicing or tuning of the instrument later this year.

We hope to have a re-dedication event at some time later this year, most probably on 22 November, the memorial of Saint Cecilia, a patron of music particularly associated with pipe organs. Stay tuned for more information over the summer.

Thank you again to all of our past, present and future donors. Your gifts help us to preserve our musical heritage.

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August 2015 -  Overview for the Month

The month of August is dedicated to The Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Immaculate Heart of Mary
O Mary Immaculate, inflame our hearts with one ray
of the burning love of thy pure heart.

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Saint Patrick's Choirs
join the choir

Singing is like praying twice as well. The voice of the choir is meant to empower the voice of the congregation, so that together we praise and give thanks to the Lord. That is the responsibility of the choir in our Roman Catholic Mass (liturgy). Would you or your child over 7 years of age like to come up and join our "voices" in the choir loft?

Contact our Choir Director,
613-233-1126 extension 561.

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